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Bhutan , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Bhutan » Trongsa: ACC digs up more corruption cases

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

ACC charged six individuals comprising the former dzongdag Lhab Dorji, his wife Karma Tshetim Dolma, the then Trongsa drangpon Ugyen Tenzin ... 74 bank accounts after Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMA) forwarded 700 INR accounts to ACC and another ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Trongsa, Bhutan 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

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News Bhutan » Trongsa: Meet the world's youngest queen, 27-year-old Jetsun Pema of Bhutan

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Publication date: onday 11 December 2017

and attended by several thousand people from Trongsa and other central districts of Bhutan. Hundreds of thousands more watched His Majesty's Address on television and online. This is HRH Gyalsey's first National Day Celebration. #HisMajesty # ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Bhutan's serene old-world charms

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Publication date: Sunday 11 March 2012

IN A monastery in the centre of Bhutan, I watch two young monks practising their dance steps. These boys are soon to join the ranks of adult monks and will leave the Trongsa Dzong to seek higher studies, but today they circle and jump like a maroon-robed ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Bhutan: Insider Travel Guide

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Publication date: Sunday 10 January 2016

The 350-kilometer journey from Paro to Bhumthang can be covered in four tough days, with overnight stops in Thimphu, Wangdue and Trongsa. Bhutan's only international airport is in Paro and only two carriers fly into the country: Drukair and Royal Bhutan ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Ride to the Land of Thunder Dragons: Bhutan

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Publication date: Sunday 12 June 2016

The following morning, we began our ride to Trongsa. Trongsa is a lively town, renowned for Trongsadzong which is the largest dzong (fortress) in Bhutan. It is a palatial fortress, a part of which is a major monastic complex accommodating nearly 200 monks ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Officials investigate suspected tiger attack in Bhutan

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Publication date: uesday 03 August 2010

These are external links and will open in a new window Officials in Bhutan say a man found dead in forest near the town of Trongsa may have been killed by a tiger. If confirmed it would be the first tiger attack in the remote Himalayan kingdom in 15 years.

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Down memory lane: The Buddhist lama who unified Bhutan

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Publication date: hursday 24 August 2017

Thimphu, Aug 25 (IANS) Bhutan is one of the youngest democracies of the world ... took the visitors to the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival on a nostalgic ride down memory lane during the opening session here as she vividly recalled the thriving legacy ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: The King and I: A friend of the Bhutan royal family paves the way for William and Kate’s visit to a magical land

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Publication date: Saturday 02 April 2016

Further east lie Trongsa, whose commanding fortress formed the power-base of the Wangchuck dynasty; Bumthang with its lovely orchards and houses covered in phallic symbols; and Tashigang with its 600-year-old chain suspension bridge. Bhutan is a small ...

News Bhutan » Trongsa: Bhutan: Poverty halved, but highest among children

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Publication date: Saturday 30 December 2017

This indicates that poor people in Bhutan experience 2.3 percent of the deprivations ... Among dzongkhags, the highest reductions in the poverty rate occurred in Mongar, Wangduephodrang, Trongsa, and Chukha.However, Bumthang, Haa, Sarpang, and Thimphu ...